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Coat Type Study Material

Who's Who 
About the AKC Pure Breeds and AKC Groups to help you better understand how the groups are sub-divided into other groups and how form and function play a major role in the placement. Breeds will be compared to find the similarities by coat types, body types, and trim styles.

Variations and Creations 
Man created a lot of different head, ear, neck, body, leg, feet, and tail types on the canine. You will discuss the variations and creations created by man to discover what coat type patterns are natural and which ones are created to understand more about how to properly bathe, groom and style the many different breeds.

Styling Man's Best Friend
There are basic concepts and fundamental rules when styling the canine that every professional must be aware of in order to carry out the correct styling procedure for each coat type. Together with your instructor and classmates, you will study the different trim styles and trim style components. You will place breeds in the correct trim style and trim style components and understand how studying the natural coat growth patterns makes you a specialist in creating the man-made coat growth patterns by using anatomy markers and styling sections.

UCCS Worldwide

Different requirements and pricing structure for bathers, groomers, and stylists in Asia, Europe, and South America.

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