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Curly Coat Types

The category for pure breeds with curly coat types is all about technical perfection. From the extravagant trim style on the Poodle and the Bichon Frise to the unique trim style on the Bedlington Terrier, the curly coat types demand excellent technical skills and knowledge of all trim style components in this category.   

NOTE: For the purpose of certification, breeds in this category can be used to create other pure breed trim styles. For example, a Poodle can be used to create a Kerry Blue or Bedlington Terrier. 

Pet Trim Style Division or Show Trim Style Division 
You can complete your certification in the Pet Trim Style Division or the Show Trim Style Division. The Choice is Yours! 

Pet Trim Division Definition 
Pet trim styles are the type of trims requested in a pet grooming salon. For example, a Poodle in a lamb trim.

Technical Skills: The Pet Trim Style Division allows for all technical skills to be applied to the curly coat types. Coat is scissored, clippered and thinned.

Show Trim Definition 
Show trim styles are the required trims for pure breeds in the conformation ring. For example, a Poodle in a Continental or Sporting Trim.

Technical Skills: The Show Trim Division requires the proper technical skills for the coat type. Curly coat types are clippered, scissored and thinned. 

Certify by the Breed or Coat Type Category 
You can certify on a specific breed (trim style) and continue to certify with a specific trim style to achieve a specialist score and ranking or choose to complete all trim styles required in the coat type class category to receive an overall ranking and title in the Coat Types Category. 

Class Category Certificate 
Participants receive the prestigious UCCS Certificate after completing all required Trim Styles in a Coat Type Category. 

All IJA Sanctioned Competitions include Certification.

Trim Styles 
There are six different Trim Styles necessary to complete all Trim Style Components in the Pure Breeds with Curly of Coat Types.

How to Find the Right Breed

Competitor must use a dog with a curly coat type for one of the required trim styles. Dog can be a pure breed or a mixed breed. Competitor may use a model dog to complete the other trim styles required to complete trim style with required trim style components.



American Water Spaniel


Bedlington Terrier

Bichon Frise

Black Russian Terrier

Bouvier des Flandres

Cesky Terrier

Irish Water Spaniel

Kerry Blue Terrier

Lagotto Romangnolo

Poodle, Miniature

Poodle, Standard

Poodle, Toy

Portuguese Water Dog, Curly


Soft Coated Wheaten

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